Scintillator “88”
Features You Should Know About Base: Made of high strength 6061 aluminum alloy, this plate is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide and 3/8 inches thick with a hardened black anodized finish.Arbor: Machine is designed to accommodate 8 inch laps. The arbor shaft is bearing quality stainless steel with a pressed on aluminum platen that rides on precision preloaded ball bearings to eliminate endplay. The Arbor has adjusting features for aligning the horizontal  swing of the dop arm assembly. Motor: Leeson 1/4hp, 90 volt dc, 3500 rpm, and 72 in oz of torque. (Arbor speed 80 to 2000 rpm) Drive Belt Tension: Self adjusting. Upright Mast:  18 inch high, 1-1/4 inch sq. has a continuos lead screw the entire length of the mass for vertical positioning of the facet head. A calibration scale on the upright is readable in SAE and metric for stone sizing with use of a set point indicator. Height Adjustment: Positive push button design for quick height change from one end of the mast to the other ( a real time saver since there is no need to crank the facet head the length of the mast). Plus micro adjustment for fine height setting where by the knob calibration is readable to .0035” change, with one full turn equal to .035” change in height. Round Dove Tail Slides: For both horizontal and vertical movements this easy to use slide has a positive lock in any position.   Digital Read Out: Compact integrated electronic circuitry (inside facet head) is easy to view LED display, 9/16” high bright green numbers with 1/10º space resolution  and continuous synchronic LED reading with movement of dop arm.  (pot linearity .1%) Angle Stop: Is positive with micro fine adjustment. Dial Indicator: repeat gauge to be used to read between 1/10º increments of the angle display. Dop Arm: Is  concentrically  adjustable to .0002 TIR (total  indicated run out). The dop arm can be removed easily with out removing the index gear. This access allows multiple head operations by commercial faceting or schools. Precision Collet Chuck: This chuck is a split self –centering type. Dop Alignment: Is done with a set screw that permits removal and replacement of the dop while maintaining radial alignment. Index Trigger: Is a brass tooth that can be replaced when ever needed. Index Splitter: (cheater): Radial type rotates the dop arm 10º right or 10º left of the center position. This adjustment is smooth and with anti-backlash. Both the Scintillator and the Xristal-Tek come as 8" with dial indicator repeat gauge, transfer block, 45º table dop, set of 12 dops, drip tank, allen wrenches and free wheeling pin. Price $4795.00
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