Over the years modern society has brought a lot of science to the art of gem cutting. This page is for places to find diagrams, mainly free. As always if you know of a link that should be here please let us know. info@polymetricinc.com PROGRAMS GemCad This is a great program to design your own and he offers a FREE version! Thanks Robert! You is CADMAN :) Facet Designer This is a newer program by Anton V. Vasiliev on the Fac- ette site. BOG - A Better Optimizer for GemRay by Tom Herbst DESIGNS/Flat Dan Clayton - has a great source for designs by him and others. I have personally cut a couple from this site and was delighted! USFG - has designs for everyone from beginners to experts. John Bailey's - Original Gem Faceting Designs Torbjörn Lorin - Designs Gram Faceting - Designs      DESIGNS/Concave Merle's Surprise by Chris Algar
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