Frequently Asked Questions Q: " I'm new to faceting. What things will I need to get started other than a facet machine?" A: Here is a list of things the beginner will need for flat faceting. These items will work for most materials. 1 260 diamond lap 1 600 diamond lap 1 1200 diamond lap 1 Darkside lap 1 Batt For sapphire you may want to add: 1 PolyPro Ceramic Lap Cerium Oxide or BATTSTIK: for polishing glass and quarts Aluminum Oxide or BATTSTIK: for polishing garnet Note: Both oxides can be purchased as powder, paste, thin film disks or the new BATTSTIK. Film disks must be used with a master lap. 1 alcohol lamp and denatured alcohol some red general purpose wax for sapphire Leeco wax (brown) Things the beginner may wish to add: 1 water tank Lamp more dops depending on the size of gem material girdle and main angle steady rest over seas transformer for power (see accessories page.)
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