Poly-Metric Instruments Inc. does offer discounts to clubs/schools if it can be verified that it is a club/school purchase for the education of current and future members/students. Please call for more details. Club List If you know of any other list that may be of interest please drop me a link! Please do not send individual club listings to me unless they are in a country not listed below. Send to: info@polymetricinc.com Albert Zabinskies list of over 900 American clubs:  Zabinskie list The Canadian Rockhound has an extensive list which can be searched by topic:  Canadian List Australian club lists: Australian List Australian Faceters Guild List School List The school list is what I have found presently. If you know of a related link or listing and would like to see it here, please forward it to me at: info@polymetricinc.com  Thank-you :) Jerry Call School of Faceting.   William Holland School of Lapidary Arts.   The Gemcutter's School of Faceting Charlotte, N.C. (704)778-6967 GSJ (609)585-2223 NewJersey American Institute Of Diamond Cutting, Inc. 1287 E. Newport Center Dr. Suite 202 Deerfield Beach, Florida 33442-7706 Phone: USA domestic (800) 831-8470 International (954) 574-0833 Digests & Messge Boards This is a list of the digest's I am on or aware of that are related to the lapidary field. Follow the links to join. If you know of any other related digest's you would like to see here please send me a message at: info@polymetricinc.com           Thanks and enjoy :)   USFG Faceter's List Lapidary ARTS and FACETERS DIGEST Orchid Digest If your looking for yet more groups I recommend searching Yahoo Groups & Google Groups. Use search words like "Faceting", "Lapidary", "Rockhound" , ect.
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