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For those who are wondering -- I started in this business quite young.  Here I am receiving my first faceting lesson!
Hello, my name is Zane Hoffman and pictured above is my father,  the founder of Poly-Metric Instruments Inc. When he passed away I lost my best friend and mentor, and the faceting community lost a unique contributor.   For as long as I can remember, dad was involved in manufacturing faceting equipment. In the late 1950's his dissatisfaction with the available equipment led to the construction of a machine of his own design. This machine marked the beginning of his first manufacturing business and became known for high quality, and innovative equipment.     In the mid 1980's he sold his original business but he continued to get ideas about faceting machine designs. With two partners he formed Poly-Metric in 1990 to bring his ideas to light. One of these ideas was for a machine that could cut curved facets with the precision of flat facets. After a number of prototypes were built and tested, a design emerged that was successful, and patent #5,044,123 was granted for the Optical Magnified Facet (OMF) machine. This machine opens up a whole new world of possibilities for innovative facet arrangement and design.   Pictured through out this web site are gems cut by Poly-Metric equipment owners. They have found our machines to be ideal for allowing them to express their artistic abilities in gem cutting.   My dad had a love for this craft that drove him to manufacture what we consider to be the best equipment available on today's market. He also had a commitment to quality and service that I am committed to standing by and building upon.   I thank you for your interest in Poly-Metric, and I am proud to have the opportunity to carry on my fathers legacy.   I would also like to thank my wife and family for their patience, and support in this adventure.   Sincerely, Zane D. Hoffman
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