A. PRECISION FOUR JAWED COLLET CHUCK: This chuck is a threaded self centering type operated by hand, no set screws to cause misalignment due to uneven adjustment or pressure.  The chuck head is hexagonal which allows a wrench to be used  for tightening or loosening if needed. B. SET SCREW IN COLLET END OF DOP ARM: this set screw is a dop arm alignment feature which permits removal and replacement of the dop without need to readjust for exact previous alignment.   Transfer block is equipped with the same keying or alignment system thereby assuring relative alignment of crown facets to pavilion facets. KEYED DOPS: Radial self-aligning. B.-J. "Two (2) splitters or cheaters." One: a true radial index tooth splitter, one: knob micro adjusting self locking. Two: a compound angle splitter.  Both calibrated in 5" increments. C. PRECISION BALL BEARING MASTER LAP ARBOR: Fully machined and rigidly attached to the rugged cast aluminum base unit.   Lifetime lubricated and sealed. D. High torque DC motor, 1/6 HP, 5,000  max. RPM, Ballbearing (cool running). E. Solid state electric speed control with feedback circuit.  The feedback circuit maintains high motor torque at all ranges.  Two mechanical speed ranges couple with electronic controller.   Low range 50-1,000 RPM.  High range 50- 1,500 RPM.  This controller has two internal trimmers, one for trimming or matching the controller to the motor speed.   The other for trimming or matching the controller to the motor for feedback. F. Positive Angle stop with fine micro adjustment. G. Transit adjustment: This innovation provides a set adjustment of the micro height shaft to the upright shaft thus assuring a precision horizontal plane when the facet head is moved across the lap surface.  Accurate horizontal movement is attained from this three way adjustment. H. Coarse and micro height mast bearings have close tolerance jib adjustments.  Allows the operator to adjust for individual feel or wear.  Bearings throughout are oil impregnated lifetime bearings (never need to be oiled). Precision index gears; machined to close tolerances for high quality performance.   Available in well marked easy reading gears of the following indexes: 32,40,60,64, 72, 80, and 96.  Standard head equipped with 96 tooth gear. I. positive micro height adjustment (positive up and down).  Spring loaded for uniform operator feel and removes worry about whether or not the facet head has followed the micro height adjustment down. K. Dial indicator with 90 equal degrees on the face of the indicator.  The indicator hand registers the degrees as the dop arm is moved, i.e. the indicator is synchronous with the dop arm.  The dial indicator system has no backlash or lag, thus lending to a synchronization which is extremely accurate and sensitive.  The slightest movement of the dop arm can be noted on the indicator.  The indicator has a 2" face which can be easily observed and has a mathematical equivalent to an 8" protractor.  The 90 degrees on the indicator face are divided equally into a full 360 degree sweep of the indicator hand. Heavy duty 1" diameter, 15: long mast precision ground steel. Brake: The pivot bearing for the dop arm incorporates an adjustable brake.  This innovation allows the operator to adjust the amount of drag or stiffness to the pivot of the dop arm.  A smooth feel can be had regardless of the amount of drag that the operator has preselected. Compact: Only 18 x 12 easily portable. Solid one Piece Cast Aluminum Construction: Lap bearing support and facet head support are machined in this single plane for perfect alignment and super precision operation.   Both the master lap and the faceting head base supports are contained in this piece. Offset Upright and Base: Another feature of the Accura-Flex for your convenience and cutting pleasure, giving more natural operating position.  Adjustable for full 6" travel. Removable Cast Aluminum Gate: An integral part of the cast aluminum housing, yet easily removable for cutting girdles and preforms.  Bowl is easily removed from the base for easy cleaning. Special Free Wheeling Lockout: This lockout pin permits full free wheeling of the dop arm in cutting girdles and preforms.  Automatic spring loaded return to normal operation immediately on removal of pin.  Not adjustments necessary. Precision Index Gears: Precision machined, made of the highest quality materials.  These gears are easily changed by means of a single set screw. 4" Dop Arm Hand Piece: Eliminating the two finger operation or the necessity of a lever to operate dop arm.  "Radial self aligning dops."
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