LAMINATED COPPER LAP Also available in lead Grooved for cutting oval star stones.  Has 3/16" deep grooves, one 1/3" wide and one 3/4" wide.  Bored to fit 1/2" shaft.
BASIC UNIT Includes motor and foot control QSU DELUXE SELECTRA-MATIC UNIT QSDC Accessories include: 1/4" Super Chuck 1/4" Work Arbor Facet Head Adapter Plate
We invite you to compare and see if any other small lapping unit can add up the following advantages for a grand total of efficient performance to the user:
1. One piece high strength aluminum casting. 2. AC DC double shafted motor (motor shaft opposite drive shaft is employed for small carving and buffing implements.) 3. Choice of two variable electric speed controlled units.  Standard unit: Foot control.  Deluxe Unit: Selectra-Matic dial control. 4. Silent friction drive (no belts or pulleys.) 5. Six or eight inch lap capacity. 6. Adaptable to most facet heads (see accessories).  Splash bowl of unit has cutout for allowing dop arm of facet head to be lowered into girdle cutting position on lap plate. 7. :Lap arbor runs with rigid moisture sealed ball bearings.  Arbor size: 1/2" 20 thread. 8. Compact and portable. TOTAL:  QUALITY ENGINEERING AND DESIGN Shipping Weight 15#
Quality, versatility and compact advance design you won't find in any other small lapping unit.
CUP SET For cutting and polishing round star stones.  Set consists of one cup holder and three interchangeable copper inserts.  Holder fits 1/2" shaft, 20 RH or 24 RH thread.  Inserts are available in three sizes.  Small 1/2" dap, medium 3/4" dap, and large 1" dap.  Specify thread size of holder.   Inserts also available in lead.
WORK ARBOR Can be used with cup sets or grooved laps.  Fits standard and 1/2" motor shaft, 24 RH thread.
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