FRICTION TORQUE DRIVE The friction torque drive allows for a speed variation of approximately 250 rpm to 506. Speed adjustment is accomplished by sliding the friction driver in or out on the motor shaft. The friction driver and friction plate act as a variable bevel gear. Under normal operation conditions maximum motor torque at any speed is delivered to lap spindle without slippage or wear. Compact design: Only 12: x 18: Precision sealed ball bearing lap arbor needs never to be oiled or greased. Designed for lifetime operation, has grit slinger which also provides as a moisture barrier. Base: Solid one-piece aluminum casting. Mounting pads for arbor bearing and facet head are machined in a single operation assuring a precision alignment between both. Facet head mounting pad is off-set in relation to center line of lap arbor. This design offers a more natural operating position. Complete with 115V, Motor and Switch EXPORT MODEL, 230V, 50 CYCLE AVAILABLE Shipping Weight Approximately 50#
Prismatic Faceting Unit With ACCURA-FLEX HEAD
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