1. Precision four jawed collet chuck; this chuck is a threaded self-centering type. Operated by hand, no set screws to cause misalignment due to uneven adjustment or pressure. The chuck head is hexagonal which allows a wrench to be used for tightening or loosening if needed by individuals having arthritis, etc. 2. Dop arm alignment feature; permits removal and replacement of the dop without need to readjust for exact previous alignment. Transfer block is equipped with the same keying or alignment system thereby assuring relative alignment of crown facets to pavilion facets. Dop arm hand piece 4" long adequate in length to meet hand requirements of all individuals, eliminating the two finger operation or the necessity of a lever to operate dop arm."        "Radial self aligning dops." 3.-6. "Two (2) splitters or cheaters." One" a true radio index tooth splitter, one: knob micro adjusting self locking. Two: a compound angle splitter. Both calibrated in 5 degree increments. 4.-5. Six (6) inch protractor incorporating a vernier scale for the direct reading of 15’ or ¼ degree increments. Absolute positive angle stop which may be adjusted easily. 7. (Positive micro height adjustment (positive up and down). Spring loaded for uniform operator feel and removes worry about whether or not the facet head has followed the micro height adjustment down. 8. Heavy duty 1" diameter, 15" long mast precision ground steel. 9. Transit adjustment: This innovation provides a set adjustment of the micro height shaft to the upright shaft thus assuring a precision horizontal plane when the facet head is moved across the lap surface. Accurate horizontal movement is attained from this three-way adjustment. Brake: The pivot bearing for the dop arm incorporates an adjustable brake. This innovation allows the operator to adjust the amount of drag or stiffness to the pivot of the dop arm. A smooth feel can be had regardless of the amount of drag that the operator has pre-selected. 10. Coarse height mast bearings have close tolerance jib adjustments. Allows the operator to adjust for individual feel or wear. Bearings throughout are oil impregnated lifetime bearings (need never to be oiled). Precision index gears; machined to close tolerances for high quality performance. Available in well marked easy reading gears of the following indexes: 32, 40, 54, 72, 80, and 96. Standard head equipped with 96 tooth index.
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