1. Collet chuck; screw type four jawed. 2. Dop alignment feature; permits removal and replacement of dop without need to reset the exact previous alignment.  Transfer block is equipped with the same keying or alignment system, thereby assuring alignment of crown facets to pavilion facets.          Precision Index Gears:  Machined to close tolerances for high quality performance.  Available in well marked easy reading gears of the following indexes:  32, 40, 60, 72, 80, and 96.  Standard head equipped with 96 tooth index. 3. The index trigger incorporates a nylon tooth which assures positive indexing without wear of index gear.  Exact indexing is maintained without any side movement.        Index trigger lockout pin:  This feature locks the spring loaded index trigger into a free wheeling position, required for preforming and girdle cutting index trigger returns automatically to the normal indexing operation when lockout pin is removed. 4. Read-easy micro angle dial:  This dial has ninety equal degrees in the full circumference of the dial.  The planetary gear system enables the dial to be mathematically equivalent to  an 8" protractor.  The dial makes one full turn for a dop arm arc of 90 degrees. 5. Self locking index tooth splitter or cheater:  This very important feature allows the operator to make micro adjustments in the radio positioning of the dop arm without any change to the established index setting of the trigger to that of the index gear.  Adjustment is both right and left and is accomplished by a single knob which locks into position automatically when not being operated. 6. Positive angle stop.  Single knob adjustment provides the operator with a positive and easily adjustable stop to any desired angle setting. 7. Transit adjustment:  This innovation provides a set adjustment of the micro height shaft to the upright shaft thus assuring a precision horizontal plane when the facet head is moved across the lap surface.  Accurate horizontal movement is attained from this three way adjustment. 8. Micro-height adjustment:  Positive both up and down providing the operator with a smooth feel as adjustment is made during cutting and polishing.
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